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What domain name disputes can be settled in Malaysia?

Only disputes over .my country code top level domain names can be settled through domain name dispute resolution proceedings in Malaysia. This is because only .my country code top level domain names can be registered in Malaysia with the Malaysian Network Information Centre (MYNIC). All .my domain name dispute resolutions are governed by the MYDRP,…

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What is a domain name dispute?

What is a domain name dispute?A domain name dispute essentially means a dispute concerning the registration and/or use of a domain name. A domain name is simply a textual address by which anyone can find a host machine which hosts, for example, your website, on the Internet. Disputes over domain names have increased because domain…

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What is the .asia Landrush?

The Landrush refers to the initial period of public availability of the new .asia top-level domain. Interested registrants who qualify for the CER can submit their entries now for the .asia Landrush priority registration.

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What is the .asia Sunrise?

The Sunrise refers to the period of time prior to the launch of the newasia top-level domain during which owners of trademarks are eligible to register a .asia domain name containing the owned mark, for example:,

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