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Archive for May 2018

Benefits of SEO on RWD responsive websites

Based on various experiences, we have compiled the benefits of SEO on RWD responsive websites as follows: 1. Reduce duplicate web content If instead of using RWD responsive websites, in addition to the computer version of the website, it is necessary to design the mobile version of the webpage with the same or similar graphics…

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Desktop web page size design

To write a UI design specification recently, first study the size issues in web design. 1. Resolution The size of the web design is mainly related to two factors. One is the resolution of the computer monitor and the resolution of the browser. Actually, there are some operating systems, Windows or Mac OS or others.…

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Three new landing page design techniques

When doing landing page web design, I saw that the most frequently used typesetting is left-right symmetry and center-alignment. Although this is not wrong, if you use more, you may feel dull and innovative, so you will change the layout type occasionally. , can make your page visual more attractive. Today we showed you three…

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