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Archive for March 2009

Using Windows Explorer as an FTP Client & FTP Setup and Uploading in Windows

You can upload to your hosting area using Windows Explorer, My Computer or Internet Explorer in Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Here are some details: Step 1:Open Internet Explorer or My Computer or Windows Explorer. In the address bar put in your domain starting with “ftp://” for example: “” or ““(ip address). Hit the enter key one time.…

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How to Setting and changing email passwords in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird doesn’t provide a way for a user to enter the POP/IMAP/SMTP servers password when configuring a account. This frequently confuses new users who expect to be able to do that because they did that with their previous email client. Thunderbird will prompt for a password the first time it needs one. When it does…

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Zencart Virus affected?

Customer Question:… We assume it as Virus because we saw it at WHO’S ONLINE in the Zencart, it appear as Spider rather than Guest. Entertop Solution and Answer:The spider appear at the zencart’s “Who’s Online” is not a virus. That is online search engine spider (Web Crawler) Example like: Googlebot More Knowledge at Wiki Web…

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IncrediMail POP3 and SMTP setting

The Steps setting POP3 and SMTP in IncrediMail Incoming mail server: (example: mail server: (example: Name: [email protected] (example [email protected])Password: xxxx Tick the My Server requires authentication Then Click More Settings click – Use same settings as my incoming mail server Click Advanced TabServer Port NumbersOutgoing mail (SMTP): 587 – Support…

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