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Archive for December 2007

Outlook Send/Receive Progress – Receiving reported error 0x800CCC90

OUTLOOK can not Received email from Web Hostingerror Message:Task ‘marketing – Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC90): ‘Your incoming (POP3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded:’ Solution: Here is the some of the solution from Microsoft-

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A New Approach to Web Applications – Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Defining Ajax Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways. Ajax incorporates: standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS; dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model; data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT; asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest; and JavaScript binding…

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