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Archive for September 2007

Message from MYNIC – MYNIC is launching its second level domain name (2LD) service

Dear Valued Customers, MYNIC is launching its second level domain name (2LD) service startingwith the Priority Entry period from 9am, 1st November 2007 till 5pm, 31stDecember 2007. The introduction of second level domain names is a result of the jointconsultative process done by MYNIC and the Malaysian Communications andMultimedia Commission ( with the public. We…

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JavaScript Security Restrictions

As JavaScript operates within the realm of highly sensitive data and programs, its capabilities have been restricted to ensure that it can’t be used maliciously. As such, there are many things that JavaScript simply is not allowed to do. For example, it cannot read most system settings from your computer, interact directly with your hardware,…

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What About ActiveX?

If you’re already quite familiar with Microsoft’s JScript, you might be thinking “but JavaScript can do some of these things using ActiveX,” and that’s true—but ActiveX is not part of ECMAScript. ActiveX is a Windowsspecific mechanism for allowing Internet Explorer to access COM (the Component Object Model at the heart of Windows scripting technology) and…

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JavaScript’s Limitations

JavaScript is most commonly used as a client-side language, and in this case the “client” refers to the end-user’s web browser, in which JavaScript is interpreted and run. This distinguishes it from server-side languages like PHP and ASP, which run on the server and send static data to the client.Since JavaScript does not have access…

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JavaScript Defined

JavaScript is a scripting language that’s used to add interactivity and dynamic behaviors to web pages and applications. JavaScript can interact with other components of a web page, such as HTML and CSS, to make them change in real time, or respond to user events.You’ll undoubtedly have seen JavaScript in the source code of web…

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Definition of Internet Marketing Terms

Interner Marketing – Using the interactive technologies available via the internet to furtger create a dialog with potential customers by connecting with them with good educational content about your company’s products or service offerings. Search Engine Marketing – Improving an organization’s visibility withinb search results when search phrases entered at search sites returns a listing…

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